Shrink-Wrap Tapes From Premier Is Ideal For Masking Even Irregular Surfaces

Polyflex shrink wrap tapes from Premier Tapes can instantly patch and repair virtually anything. It grips and bonds easily and its strong adhesive qualities will virtually weld itself onto the most uneven surface. PT134 Polyflex Shrink Wrap Tape is ideal for joining shrink wrap film – it can seal and can be used as a mask as the synthetic rubber-based adhesive has excellent holding power.

Speciality and technical adhesive specialists Premier Tapes have been involved for over 30 years in the construction, industrial and technical adhesive tape industry. They have stocked and supplied quality products designed to be used in a range of industries.  For high performance tapes that will work in the most demanding applications Premier’s knowledgeable staff can provide solutions that will do the job perfectly. They can advise and supply products that can join and seal a range of products. The range of tapes include foam tape, self amalgamating tape, butyl tape, masking tape, gaffer tape, packing tape, etc.

PT134 Polyflex is a heavy duty polyethylene backing which is single coated with a synthetic rubber-based adhesive. It can be used to protect surfaces as its backing resists UV exposure. It conforms easily and comes away easily without leaving any residue.

PT134 is popular with auto salvage and reclamation yards. It is also known as hull preservation tape and is used for taping edges of shrink wrap to a boat’s hull. It can be used to seam shrink wrap film sheeting together; patch holes in shrink wrap; secure waste disposal bags; and to hold doors in place.  PT134 will conform and maintain its watertight seal in extreme weather conditions and can withstand UV radiation. It is available in white and in varying widths from 5 mm to 500 mm. The wide sizes can be used to mask windows and doors in Stucco application, repair greenhouses, agricultural bagging and other shrink wrapping applications.

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