Security Glazing Tape from Premier is Ideal for Water Tightness & Draught Proofing

Premier Tapes has now introduced Watertight® to their extensive range of adhesive tapes. Watertight® is a flexible double sided high tack PVC glazing tape coated both sides with an acrylic adhesive. It is designed for use in structural spacer systems and has an open cell structure to allow the curing of structural silicones on all sides. It has fast recovery from compression. It is available in black colour.

Speciality and Technical Adhesive Tapes Specialists Premier Tapes have been involved for over 30 years in the construction, industrial and technical adhesive tape industry. They stock and supply quality products designed to be used in a range of industries.

Watertight® (Premier Tape product ID PD635) is designed for use in structural glazing spacer systems and has an open cell structure to allow curing of structural silicones on all sides.  It is coated both sides with a high tack acrylic adhesive, and has fast recovery from compression.  It is available in black in thicknesses of 3mm and 6mm, and in widths from 5mm to 950mm. The high performance security glazing tape is designed to prevent the unauthorised removal of glass units from externally glazed windows. It ensures water tightness and draught proofing between the frame and glass. The double-sided acrylic tape bonds to the timber and glass. It is cost-effective and easy to install.

The product is used as the spacer element between the insulated glass unit and the frame during structural glazing fabrication where the primary bond is silicone adhesive. PD635 has been approved for compatibility with structural silicones by the major manufacturers Dow, Sika and GE.

For tapes that will work in the most demanding applications Premier’s knowledgeable staff can provide solutions that will do the job perfectly. They can advise and supply products that can join and seal.

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