PVC Single Sided Flame Retardant Foam Tape


PVC Single Sided Foam Tape-Hard, White Class O Waterseal

3594 is primarily a foam compression sealant. The product is white. The foam is predominantly closed celled and is a hard foam. An acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive is coated on one side, and the product has a paper release liner on the other non-adhesive face. 3594 will act as a water-seal and air/dust seal when compressed.


  • Forms a compression water seal
  • Forms a compression air/dust seal
  • For preventing electrolytic corrosion
  • For cushioning
  • For heavy duty applications
  • For gap filling
  • For anti-slip mounting
  • For fire retardancy applications

Standard Presentations:

  • Core: 76mm plastic
  • Formats: Logs; Rolls; Die Cuts; Spools
  • Thickness: 3.0, 4.5mm