Glass Protection Pads


PS530 Glass Protection Pads

These pads are commonly used to protect and keep sheet glass safely apart during transit. They are made from plain cork with a white PVC foam laminate, leaving no adhesive residue once removed from the glass surface.  The pads come in roll form with a protective plastic liner, and there are 1000 pads per roll, with 20 rolls per carton. Pad size is 4.5mm x 25mm x 25mm.

Also available is PS540, a red or blue EVA foam pad, 4.0mm x 23mm x 18mm, 1000 pads per roll and 20 rolls per carton; and 3492, a green PVC foam pad, 4.5mm x 25mm x 25mm, 1000 pads per roll, 20 rolls per carton.