Security Glazing Tape 635

635 is a PVC designed for use in structural glazing spacer systems and has an open cell structure to allow curing of structural silicones on all sides.

It is coated both sides with a high tack acrylic adhesive, and has fast recovery from compression.

It is black in colour. Available in thicknesses 3mm, 6mm, 9.5mm

Note: 635 has been approved for compatibility with structural silicones by the major manufactures: Dow, Sika and GE.

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For use as the spacer element between the insulated glass unit and the frame during structural glazing fabrication, where the primary bond is silicone adhesive.


Features & Benefits

  • Compatible with structural silicone adhesives.
  • Low thermal conductivity.
  • Good resistance to most chemicals, solvents and dilute acids.
  • Excellent ageing resistance.
  • Quick, clean and convenient to use.
  • No wastage.