Polyflex Shrink Wrap Tape PT134

PT134 Polyflex Shrink Wrap Tape is ideal for joining shrink wrap film, as a masking tape on irregular surfaces and as a sealing tape.

It has a very aggressive synthetic rubber-based adhesive, which gives it great holding power, but will come off cleanly, leaving no adhesive residue, even after many months.

Available in various widths.

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  • Applications requiring UV resistance in outdoor environments.
  • General industrial masking, bundling, splicing and repair applications.
  • Masking of windows and doors in Stucco applications.
  • Temporary masking in outdoor environments.
  • Greenhouse repair and agricultural bagging.
  • Temporary shrink-wrapping and storage protection applications within the marine market.
  • Surface protection.

Features & Benefits

  • Backing stabilized for UV and humidity resistance.
  • Bonds well to most surfaces over a wide temperature range.
  • Good conformability for application to rough or irregular surfaces.
  • Higher tack with excellent bond strength.
  • Increased thickness for additional durability.
  • Low-residue aggressive adhesive allowing material to be repositioned.
  • Maintains a watertight seal in a range of weather conditions.
  • Product is very conformable.
  • Serrated edge option facilitates easy tear by hand.