Double Sided Polyester Tapes PT4960

PT4960 is a polyester PET film coated both sides with an acrylic adhesive. It offers very high initial tack and high peel adhesion.

PT4960 has excellent resistance to plasticiser migration, solvents, chemicals, ageing and heat.

Clear in colour with a red MOPP liner.

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  • Mounting to ABS and PP plastic plates for industrial grade applications.
  • Self-adhering joining applications of rubber and EPDM Fastening to decorative trims such as PVC profile, stainless steel and plastic parts.
  • Highly recommended for LSE substrates

Features & Benefits

  • Excellent plasticizer migration resistance.
  • Offers secure bonding results under high temperature conditions.
  • Good resistance to UV, solvents and chemicals.
  • Exceptional bonding performance to low surface energy substrates.
  • Offers exceptional shear strength.
  • Does not yellow with age.
  • Self-adhering joining of rubber and EPDM materials.