Delicate Washi Masking Tape PMSKW102

PMSKW102 – For hundreds of years, Japanese artisans have produced high strength Washi paper.

Unlike traditional masking tapes with some having to be removed within 24 hours, Washi masking tapes use a unique acrylic formation that extends the usable life of the tape.

Purple colour.

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  • Interior/exterior delicate surface masking with clean release¬†
  • 60+ days exterior – UV & weather conditions
  • Designed for freshly painted surfaces that are at least 24 hours old
  • DIY

Features & Benefits

  • Clean removal
  • UV/weather resistant
  • Durable super thin paper for perfect straight-edged lines
  • This acrylic formation is very useful for long paint or maintenance projects, as Washi can stay in place for up to 3 months without leaving a residue upon removal
  • Low adhesion levels