Butyl Sealant Lap Tape

PBW406 is a preformed high performance polyisobutylene (PIB) based sealing tape
that is used predominantly within the roofing industry as a seal between framing and roof

It will form a watertight seal against any moisture ingress. The tape is waterproof, cost effective, non-toxic and requires no tools to apply.

Colour is white.
Available size is 4mm x 6mm x 12m.

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  • Roofing & Cladding
  • Heating & Ventilation
  • Motorhome Manufacture
  • Damp Proofing
  • General Sealing

Features & Benefits

  • Solvent free formulation and environmentally friendly.
  • Instant sealing.
  • Direct control over quantity of sealant used.
  • Good adhesion on both faces to most materials.
  • High pumping resistance.
  • Ease of use in roll format.