Die Cutting

We provide highly customised die cutting and tape slitting services of foam tapes or other tapes with various shapes and sizes. Our expertise in die cutting and tape slitting sets us apart as one of the best in the adhesive tapes industry in New Zealand.

Die-cut pieces quick and easy application makes it possible to save time and reduces waste of materials. These are useful in many industries and products, such as in electronic components, automotive parts and home furnishings. They are popular in D.I.Y. installation kits where specially cut pieces of tape help a product to be installed at the buyer’s home.

We can produce highly accurate shaped components from single and double-sided tape products. We cater to almost all customer’s unique and special requirements depending on the exact form, fit and functionality required. We provide any shapes or sizes including discs and adhesive pads to more complex components requiring tight tolerances, location holes, easy release tabs and perforations on flatbed and or rotary machines.

Our slitting service produces rolls slits of almost any width size. Our machinery has the capacity of slitting rolls of single or double sided tapes to between 4 mm up to 1,600 mm width. The log slitters offers custom slitting to suit specific required width sizes.