Create a Solid Foundation with Scapa from Premier Tapes

Speciality and Technical Adhesive Specialists Premier Tapes are an authorised distributor for the Scapa Range of tapes in New Zealand. Scapa supplies industry leading adhesive systems to the building and construction market. For general builders, contractors, installers or suppliers, Scapa provides the very best adhesive solutions for Joining, Masking and Surface Protection; Insulation, Painting and Signage needs.

Scapa Industrial is a global supplier of bonding solutions and manufacturer of adhesive-based products. As a specialist provider of bonding solutions, with an unrivalled range of adhesive tapes, films and foams, Scapa can offer all the advantages of dealing with one dedicated brand. Scapa’s product portfolio covers everything from highly specialised technical solutions to standard product ranges.

Its comprehensive portfolio of products is suitable for a broad range of applications across the many industries and markets in which they operate. They have the right tape and adhesive bonding solution for every challenge: technical solutions for engineered applications that require approvals; solutions to meet industry-specific specifications; and multi-use products for generalised cross-market applications.

Scapa has partnerships with market leading suppliers of adhesives, carrier substrates and liners ensures that their customers are working with state of the art materials and meet the requirements of the most challenging applications. They manufacture over 100 varieties of high quality adhesive tapes. Scapa products are manufactured in facilities that meet ISO 9001:2008 and ISO/TS 16949:2009 quality standards. Their products are designed to answer every need of the professional tradesman including general builders, plumbers and electricians

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https://www.premiertapes.co.nz/scapa-range/ & https://www.premiertapes.co.nz/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/Scapa%20Construction_Brochure.pdf